Outline of our Program

Teacher and lecture management

β†’ Teachers are mandated to approach students with a creative lesson plan and advanced work

Educate student/s to surpass the grade they are currently in

β†’ Encouraging students to complete advanced work

Pinpoint students weakness in any subjects

β†’ Teachers and students will work together to surpass ones academic limits

Teachers that specialize in specific subjects

β†’ Teachers assigned to each class only teach in what they specialize in.

Improve critical thinking skills and writing

β†’ Writing is a skill that requires critical thinking and a wide range of vocabulary.
The ELA teachers of our program will review all materials

Filtering system

β†’ Each student is mandated to take a diagnostic test. Depending on the results, we place them in our level system.
This process encourages students to work hard and creates a friendly competition amongst their peers.

Analysis Notebook

β†’ Analysis notebooks are used for two purposes.
1. To communicate with parents
2. Students are required to write down any academic questions they don’t understand into the notebook.
This process will eventually help the teachers and the student to realize their weaknesses.