Senior League SHSAT

The SHSAT program offered at NY Edupia will prepare your child for the specialized high school exam. Each student will participate in a seven-week program to improve their abilities so they can be accepted to prestigious schools such as Stuyvesant, Bronze Science, Brooklyn Tech, as well as Townsend Harris, a well-respected local high school. Students are guaranteed to perform at their highest level here at NY Edupia.

The SHSAT tests for logical thinking and high ability in both English and mathematics. Both sections consist of multiple-choice questions. Students are given two hours and thirty minutes to complete the test. There are no breaks between the sections. The exam is only offered once a year, and can be taken once in the eighth grade and one at ninth.


Our teachers are ready to help students:
• improve reading comprehension skills with a backup vocabulary class to help students understand the text
• approach logical reasoning with test taking skills
• with scrambled paragraphs by including grammatical rules and order or operation


Various types of mathematics are tested during the exam. It is our goal to approach different questions with different methods of problem solving.

Students must have a clear understanding of:
• Algebra
• Factoring
• Substitution
• Geometry
• Basic Coordinate Graphing
• Word Problems