Junior League (Grades K-6)

To meet the needs of busy working families, NY Edupia provides the flexibility to extend our program after school for school-age children ages 5 to 12 years. With a balance of child-initiated and teacher-led activities, our programs serve kids with variety of interests, encouraging students to explore their critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills.

We start by offering homework support each day from 3:30-4:20 everyday. Once homework is completed and thoroughly checked by our teachers, students will engage in ELA, Mathematics, Abacus, Creative Writing, or Critical Thinking and Debate from 4:20-6:00 depending on their designated schedule.
With a strong curriculum and excellent teachers, our program helps children learn personal responsibility for their actions while cultivating each child’s learning abilities. We offer a hands on program, our students are guaranteed to fulfill their academic goal!
Enrichment Opportunities In addition to our ELA and Mathematics program, we give our students additional opportunities to flourish through enrichments that is part of our schedule:

Creative Writing

Creative writing is program offered at NY Edupia that guarantees your child’s advancement in writing. Every student is required to complete two books a week and write an opinionated essay based on the text.

- Essays will be posted on the “Creative Essay Blog.” Over time, both parents and teachers will able to see the gradual improvement in the students writing.

5 Step Process

Step 1: Students will complete the essay.

Step 2: Students will have a brief discussion based on the text. The discussion will be based on what the individual liked or disliked about the book using characters and settings.

Step 3: Essays will be swapped between classmates which gives them the opportunity to analyze and make corrections.

Step 4: Once corrections are made, teachers will collect the essays and make final corrections.

Step 5: Essays will be returned to the students to upload on the creative writing student blog.

Critical Thinking & Debate

Critical Thinking and Debate is a class offered at NY Edupia to challenge students to publicly speak in front of audiences and high authorities about social issues and world affairs. The class focuses on taking what your student learns from ELA and their knowledge of history to debate with peers and teachers. It is important to learn how to speak your mind just as it is to study. Critical thinking and debate will be a benefit to your child's English and language arts. We focus on enhancing your child's leadership and teamwork abilities. Classes will be held twice a week and will include researching techniques, writing comprehension, and speech.


Abacus math method of calculations is considered to be one of the fastest ways of calculations. The fact is that even if the advancements are made in the technology making it possible for human beings to perform complex calculations and to explore new dimensions in the field of knowledge, the mind of the child is completely empty and it is to be written on. Child’s mind could grab things with difficulty and has the tendency of forgetting learnt topics after some time.

It is needed to teach children how to use abacus. Abacus has proved out to be an ideal tool for those people as it allows them to calculate easily and quickly while being reliable. Abacus is easy to understand for the new beginners and it also helps in developing the mind of the children.

The use of abacus as a teaching tool has decreased in the world in the past few years. NY Edupia value traditional methods in helping our students advance.